Bahrain Bahraini Flag Cat Collar
Bahrain Bahraini Flag Cat CollarBahrain Bahraini Flag Cat Collar
  • Cat collars are made with break-away buckles for added safety

  • Adjustable from 8 to 12 inches long

  • Made in New Jersey, USA

  • D-ring to attach tags, bells or leash


Being Bahraini is awesome. Showing enthusiasm about it is even better. These unique Bahrain cat collars are fun to show off and they'll make you feel a bit special. Let your furry pal show off the diFURsity of this wonderful planet. They're great for all occasions and rugged enough for everyday use.

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  • About Our Products

A quick look at our product's construction

  • Break-away buckles are used for added safety
  • Built-in D-rings for attaching leashes, tags or bells
  • The material is strong, water-resistant polyester that is permanently infused with the rich design colors
  • Strap locks and strap keepers keep the collar perfectly adjusted and secure
  • Proudly made in New Jersey, USA

PatriaPet cat collars are made of very strong polyester material. Because of its strength and resistance to moisture, polyester is also used to make products such as automobile seat belts and performance wear. The tensile strength is comparable to nylon collars of the same width and thickness but our polyester collars are more hydrophobic, meaning that it does not absorb as much water when it gets wet. This feature makes is more resistant to mold, mildew and decay.

The colors in these beautiful collars and leashes are infused directly and permanently into the fabric using a high-temperature process called dye-sublimation. This process allows the brilliant, colorfast designs to last for years without ever washing out or scratching off. Some fading will occur over a long period of time (years).

We use only high quality, break-away buckles. The cat collars also include a sturdy strap lock to easily and securely adjust the collar for the best fit, and a strap keeper to keep double layers of strap from separating.

Guarantee exclusively sells PatriaPet products which was established in 2006. Both parts of the business are family-owned and operated. Because of this we want every customer that comes our way to be happy and satisfied. We offer a standard guarantee of 30 days against defects in material or workmanship but we always work with our customers no matter what the time lapse. Make your purchase with confidence.