What Your Dog's Breed Says About You

What Your Dog's Breed Says About You

Are you active or a couch potato? Do you like to explore or are you more comfortable staying in one place? Is your nature one of compliance or are you strong-willed?

If you need insight into your personality and you are a dog owner, some might say - take a look at the type of dog you have. Does the owner pick the dog or the other way around? That is to say, are you destined to own a certain type of dog.

Most kennel clubs will advise prospective dog owners to make sure the dog in question fits the family lifestyle. This is great advice and can support the notion that our dogs say a lot about us. Chances are you won’t find a marathon runner owning a bulldog. The hunting enthusiast might not choose a Yorkie as a furry friend. You get the drift.

Standard disclaimer that no one person can be painted with a broad brush, so neither can one dog breed. All dogs are different and respond in varying ways to their environment and training. Case in point, a family friend had a beloved Lhasa Apso that was extremely well-behaved, balanced and smart. When he crossed the rainbow bridge, the family decided to get another Lhasa - and the two dogs could not have been more opposite in personality and temperament.

But off we go to profile some of the more popular breeds.

German Shepherd owners are typically strong and dependable. This breed, named for the country in which it first originated, is fiercely loyal and hardworking, so it makes sense that a person might want to own such a focused dog. The intelligent, eager-to-please, reliant and take charge nature of the German Shepherd lends itself to K-9 units. The handsome German Shepherd below is owned by someone from the Dominican Republic and that's why his collar celebrates that.

Adventurous types might gravitate more toward a Schnauzer, also a German breed - which has an independent and friendly approach to life. The Schnauzer has a reputation for being mischievous, especially when bored or under-exercised. Does this ring true about you? Then you might be a Schnauzer owner. These dogs are extremely intelligent and respond well to consistent training.

Are you a lover of timeless elegance who also enjoys the outdoors? You might be the owner of the elegant and sturdy Poodle, which originated in Germany as a water dog. France may have hijacked the origin of this breed - the debate over who can claim it is ongoing. It has a fru-fru reputation that belies its athletic nature and high intelligence. Thanks to dog show haircuts, many may perceive them on the outside to appear extremely fussy and prim. Quite the contrary - these dogs are active and high energy. Ask any poodle owner, most have two, because one just isn’t enough.

Kind, even-tempered, eager to please. Is this you? You might want to own a Labrador. This dog is super loving and gentle. This breed originated in Newfoundland, though their name makes many think of them as a Canadian breed. Labradors, or “labs” as they’re affectionately known, are smart enough to work as service dogs.

Reserved, dignified types might gravitate toward the Great Dane. This over-sized dog is essentially a lap dog trapped in a big body. Anyone who owns one can attest to that. Champion snugglers - the Great Dane shows off a personality that can be goofy. Their name makes people think they came from Denmark, but the breed originated - yet again, in Germany. But this dog is okay with wearing the Poland flag design to celebrate its owner's heritage.Great Dane Poland Collar

Then there’s the loveable mutt. The all-american. The Heinz 57 dog. The who knows what it is, but we love it dog. They are the dogs for the person who just wants a furry friend that is happy to see you no matter if you were gone all day or just ten minutes. While the same can be said for any of the above profiles, dog owners of this type of dog are accepting, tolerant and loving.Loveable Mutt

No matter what type of person you are, or what type of dog you own - we can all agree that life without a dog in it is missing something. Celebrate that and the difursity of the many breeds there are to mirror or compliment our lives.

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