We Have a Winner!

We Have a Winner!

Dog lovers packed Madison Square Garden in NYC this year for the annual Westminster kennel Club Dog show. Those who could not visit the Big Apple were glued to their screens to see every one of their favorites compete for a chance to be named “Best in Show”.

This year, the judges decided that "King" the Wire Fox Terrier was the absolute best. It is an amazing honor for any breed to win Best in Show - considering that hundreds of dogs in seven groups were all sniffing out that top prize.

Over two-days of competition a global audience saw the best of every breed, learning about its history, origin and key purpose, or job. This year dogs from all 50 states and 14 countries took their shot at being Best in Show. The Wire Hair Fox Terrier breed originated in EnglandKing Wire Fox Terrier

Of course every dog owner knows that their own dog is the absolute best and they are all absolutely correct - we here at flagcollars consider our mascot, Bongo, to be the best dog ever… Bongo PatriaPet Mascot

So who took top prize in each group?

In the Hound group, top prize went to a long-haired Dachshund named "Burns". This breed hails from Germany - the name literally translating to "badger dog". Fans of this feisty dog were pretty burned up he didn't win top honors overall.Burns the Long-haired Dachshund

A Havanese named “Bono” took top honors in the Toy group - and all owners of this breed owe a nod of gratitude to the nation of Cuba for creating this loveable and comical breed - who has the only job of companionship.Havanese Toy Group Winner

A bright-eyed Schipperke named, “Colton” received the Non-sporting group top award. That was the first time this breed has won a group award. It also hails from Germany, like the Dachshund but due to a conflict of interest - Colton was ruled ineligible for the Best in Show title. As it turned out, the judge overseeing that final competition has a working relationship to the handler.

Schipperke Hound Group Winner

England gave us the Sussex Spaniel and “Bean” won the Sporting group, elevating this dog’s profile for all the world to see. Bean won last year too! Bean Sporting Group Winner

The Boxer won the Working group. The magnificent looking dog named “Wilma” clearly showed all the necessary traits to win this honor. Wilma Boxer Working Group Winner

And finally, “Baby Lars” a Bouvier des Flandres was the winner of the Herding group. This breed originated from France. Baby Lars Bouvier des Flandres Herding Group Winner

We applaud all of these impressive dogs and happily celebrate the difursity that is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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