The Dogs of the Irish

The Dogs of the Irish

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, it makes sense for our attention to focus on the country of Ireland. The lovely Emerald Isle - also known as Ireland - can claim nine breeds as native to its land.

Probably the best known of these native dogs is the Irish Wolfhound. This giant-sized dog, seen below, was too large to fit in our camera frame!

Irish Wolfhound in Flagcollars Ireland dog collar Irish flag design

You can make out that this gentle giant is wearing our Ireland flag collar design. The Irish Wolfhound seen above was attending an Irish Festival in East Durham, NY.

The breed has a good-nature and that can be shown in this image where you see it nearby another Irish flag collar wearing service-dog-in-training lab. The two were traveling together calmly and without issue. Irish flag dog collar Irish Wolfhound Service dog labrador
The name Irish Wolfhound comes from its original purpose - to be used as a sight hound on wolf hunts in ancient Ireland. They are intelligent and loyal to their families. Relatively easy to train, most dog behaviorists encourage owners to teach proper leash etiquette before the dog becomes too strong. This means, teach the dog not to pull on the leash - because once full grown, it will become difficult to control that.

Brave, but not aggressive - this dog makes a wonderful family pet - but will not sound the alarm as a guard dog should. Their mere size can serve as a deterrent - but it is not in the Irish Wolfhound's nature to bark in a way that would scare off a would-be prowler. 

Since Ireland is home to many native dog breeds - any owner of these native Irish dogs can celebrate Ireland and Irish heritage with an Ireland flag collar design from flagcollars. #CelebrateDiFURsityCelebrate Irish Heritage Happy St. Patrick's Day

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