Doggie DNA and the Search for a Breed's Origin

Doggie DNA and the Search for a Breed's Origin

Chances are when you hear three little letters “D” “N” and “A” - you immediately think of a kit you can send away your spit to find out where you or your family originated. It has become trendy, for sure, to do this for yourself - but did you know there is a DNA kit for dogs? Of course there is! Why not?

Are they accurate? Short answer, it depends. The larger the database the company uses to compare DNA, the more accurate it will be in the results. If you are looking for breed results on a dog you are fairly certain has a specific pedigree, you might get accurate results from just about any testing organization. However, if you have a "Heinz 57" variety dog (aka a Mutt), where anyone’s guess is fair game - you might want to choose a company that has a positive reputation and has been in the business for a while.

Are they expensive? Again, it depends. As stated above, the DNA testing company with more doggie data in their files tend to charge more, because they have the data to back up promises of better accuracy. Mail-in kits that deal in doggie drool typically charge between $60 to $90 where blood DNA tests available through your veterinarian can run up to $150. Keep in mind, more expensive does not necessarily mean more accurate.

What can I hope to learn from a doggie DNA test? If you are just curious about your dog’s breed, a DNA test will tell you that. One of the most popular and recognized provider of these types of tests is Wisdom Panel. They offer a straight up DNA kit for your furry friend for the purposes of honing in on breed detection. For a little more money, you can add a disease screening element to the DNA test. This will highlight the likelihood of your dog having a genetic health condition. The idea there is helping dog owners take control of a potential problem before it surfaces. Knowledge is power and information on this level can help a pet owner make choices about nutrition, training and even long-term plans for overall health.

What else can you do with this information? We think you should celebrate it! Now that you know the dog comes from Italy, Ireland, England or Germany - there’s a USA-made collar just for you! We also can help you celebrate your dog’s breed origin with collars from China, Japan, Netherlands or Sweden.

Whether you opt to take a DNA test for your pup - you already know that you have the most unique and special dog to call your pal. And isn’t that pretty great?

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